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Raw Cane Materials and DIY Kits are available here for your repair project. We stock a range of cane materials including: Seagrass, Chair Cane, Rattan Webbing (Open Weave and Close Knit), Cane Binding, Round Core (Reed), Danish Cord, Paper Cord, Rattan and Manau Cane Poles.

 Cane Materials

There's No Online Sales...SoThere's No Mistakes In Ordering The Wrong Material...Just Good Old Fashioned One To One Ensuring You Get The Right Materials For Your DIY Project...
Simply choose your materials from the list below then
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Cane Binding: Cane Binding is used for covering the joints around the poles of cane furniture, particularly arms and legs as well as decorative ties.
Soak for a few minutes before binding.

4.00mm and 6.00mm at $2.20 per mtr.
Plus Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling

 Rattan Armchair Bindings
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Chair Cane For Hand Weaving: This is the outer layer of the rattan pole and is used for chair seat caning and bindings. Chair Cane is generally used for seats and backs that have holes drilled around the seat frame. 
One hank (approx 330m) is sufficient for 4 average size seats. 
Hanks available in several sizes: 
2.0mm wide $219.00 per (approx 330m) or $110.00 per (approx 170m)
2.5mm wide $229.00 per (approx 330m) or $129.00 per (approx 170m)
3.0mm wide $259.50 per (approx 330m) or $139.00 per (approx 170m)

Plus Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling

Chair Cane

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Hand Weavers DIY Chair Cane Kit: (sufficient for one average size seat or back). All you need as a beginner in hand weaving. It comprises of: 1/4 Hank approx (80m) of 2.00mm or 2.5mm Superior Quality chair cane.
1.5m of 4.00 or 5.00mm chair cane used for the 'binder' cane. 10 x wooden golf tees to assist with holding the chair cane whilst weaving. 40 x 3.5mm round core tappered for plugging every other hole if required. A sample of pre woven rattan webbing for easy guidance. All for only $79.00
Plus $15.00 Postage and Handling.

 Hand Weavers Chair Cane Kit
Pre Woven DIY Chair Cane Kit: DIY kit consists of 500 x 450mm Bleached rattan webbing (open weave) to fit the average size seat and includes the 5.0mm cane spline to fit a 5mm groove. NOTE: Not all chair seats are the same size nor the size of the groove to house the cane spline. So, please measure the seat area as well as the width of the groove first before ordering. The spline can be trimmed to fit. Only $47.00.
plus Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling.
 Chair Cane Kit



Rattan Webbing Open Weave: This material is pre-woven and can be used in a number of applications, but is more commonly used in chair seats.
Bleached Webbing is generally used and you can apply shellac, stain or paint to finish. Use Natural Webbing if you like the antique look. The webbing will darken with age and sunlight.
Most DIY's prefer to use Bleached webbing as it's easier to fit:
450mm wide $90
.00 per mtr.
600mm wide $99.00 per mtr. 
plus Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling

Rattan Open Weave Webbing
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Rattan Webbing Close Knit: A totally closed weave, making this material suitable for covering door panels and screens, bedheads, table tops and speakers. This can be used in chair seats but it's not as strong as the open weave
450 mm wide $90.00 per mtr.
600 mm wide $99.00 per mtr.



Round Core/Reed: Constitutes the central core of whole rattan with the outer skin removed. Used for the making and repair of wicker furniture and ideal for basket weavers.
Coils available in sizes:
2.00mm (approx 300m)   2.50mm (approx 200m)   3.00mm (approx 133m)
3.50mm (approx 108m)   4.00mm (approx 67m)     5.00mm (approx 50m)
All at $59.00 per coil.  Plus Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling

Also available is: 6.00mm $4.50 per mtr and 8.00mm $5.00 per mtr. 

 Round Core (reed)
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Flat Oval Core/Reed: Used for binding and weaving baskets, ideal for staining or painting, Coil available in 5.00mm. $59.00 (approx 100m)
Or $0.90 per mtr. Minimum $15.00 Postage & Handling. 
 Flat Oval Core
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Seagrass: Used in seats and other furniture. Sometimes called "China sea-grass", it is a natural twine-like material which is hand twisted to resemble rope. It has a variegated green appearance but darkens with age to a tan color. It has a coarse feel about it when new but will soften with use making it very comfortable.
4/5.00mm dia. Coils (approx400g)

Seagrass Chair
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Paper Cord: Commonly used in seats as a replacement to Rush. Paper Cord is a recycled paper twisted into a strand that can be stretched and woven over the seat frames to form four triangles that meet in the middle. $69.00  per kg (Should be sufficient to weave an average size seat).

Paper Cord Seat
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Danish Cord: This Danish seat cord is made outside Copenhagen and is the identical material found on Scandinavian chairs as well as the TH Brown Teaks chairs. This material is not always available. $89.00 per kg (Should be sufficient to weave an average size seat).  Danish Cord
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If you need any more information we offer FREE friendly advice. And, with over 30 years experience with Cane and Wicker furniture restoration, you can be confident about the advice you will receive.

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